Authorised Mobil Distributor | A subsidiary of Victor Enterprises Pte Ltd

Technical Services

As an authorized distributor of ExxonMobil products, we are in partnership with leading lubrication experts around the world and hence, in a position to provide up-to-date insights into trends and lubrication requirements. This information network helps plan for highly effective, leading-edge lubricants for some of the most demanding equipment applications.

Through our expertise, we can analyze lubrication requirements for optimal machinery and equipment performance by providing professional advice on the extensive ExxonMobil product range endorsed by various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or Equipment Builders (EB).

Our technical team comprises Lubrication Engineers with experience in providing engineering technical services. We ensure that the equipment of our customers has high reliability leading to no unexpected shutdown through sound lubrication practices, proper lubrication selection, equipment trouble-shooting, and other lubrication services.

ExxonMobil has a wide range of lubricant products that can be used as alternatives for other brands. The Victori Sindo Utama Technical Service Team would be able to recommend the most suitable replacement oil for customers’ equipment when given the relevant background information.

Our technical support services include but are not limited to:

• Technical Seminars and Customer Training
• On Site Customized Lubrication Training
• On Site Technical Support and Troubleshooting
• On Site Equipment Inspection
• Customized Lubricant and Grease Solutions
• Lube Chart
• Product Consolidation
• Viscosity Calculation
• Compatibility Test
• Disposal of Used Oil
• Transport and Storage of Petroleum Products
• Used Oil Trending Analysis
• Cost Saving Analysis
• Equipment Failure Analysis
• Implementation of Predictive Condition Based Maintenance Program
• Upgrading to Total Lubrication Management
• Comprehensive Benefit Report